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1000's of Kilometers of Dirt Trails In Dense Jungle Terrain

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There's Not many places You Can Ride Like This For So Long! Amazing Trails!

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Ride the incredible miltary controlled jungle region along the Burmese border.

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All bikes upgraded from stock and prefectly matched for mountain terrain

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Our support team have worked exclusively with us 17 years and all legends in the business

Enduro Tours Thailand

Incredible Enduro tours and some of the most adventurous in Northern Thailand from one of the kingdoms longest running dirt bike tour companies.

Over 20 years living and riding enduro in one of the best dirt bike regions in South East Asia our knowledge and customer support is second to none. Join us for an enduro holiday you'll never forget and join 1000's of repeat customers who can't wait to repeat the experience.

The Ride Of Your Life

dirt bike wheel in Mud
  • Proper Fun

enduro dirt bike wheel in mud
  • Adaptable For All Abilities

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  • Serious Adventure

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • Simply Unbeatable

Other Adventure Bike Tours

enduro dirt bike wheel in mud
  • Dirt & Road In One Package

enduro rider riding dirt bike through water
  • Exceptional Road Trips

enduro rider riding dirt bike through water
  • A Little Less Energetic

Why An Enduro Tour With Us?

Virtually all enduro tour companies operating from Chiang Mai Thailand run dirt bike tours in the Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand and we're no different, it's the 'Mecca' for enduro touring with 1000's of kilometers of dirt bike trails nothing short of incredible.  Where we do differ is,  we actually lived in the Mae Hong Son province where our business we set up in 1999 and lived there for 9 years.

Our knowledge of the trails and region is second to none, we rode them for fun and on tours and with the luxury of scouting new trails easily and close to home we now have a bank of 1000's of kilometers of enduro trails suitable for all levels of rider.  Most of our trails are not on maps or GPS, in fact they're so remote you'll be amazed how we actually found them.

No enduro tour or enduro group is ever the same,  some want hardcore trails , others want easy, some groups are fast some are slower, a good enduro tour company will have the knowledge of trails behind them to adapt to each group and thats where we come into our own and with 20 years in the business,  as they say "Nothing Beats Local Knowledge"  Check out our latest video recorded November 2010