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Top notch motorcycle tours and our successful two decades in the business proves we're doing something right. A well managed tour and a bloody good time for all!

“Customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.”

What they are saying..

Run right by a great team together for over 17 years with a background in the services and travel industry and running motorcycle tours as long as we have, we've learned a thing or two.  Join our long list of statisfied customers and read on to find out why we are not on Trip Advisor

Why can't we find you on trip advisor?

We're in a relatively niche busines and in a world of social media we don't feel we need Trip Advisor especially counting the harm it can do for the wrong reasons.  We were once connected in business to a luxury jungle lodge resort in Vietnam on trip advisor where the only other facility nearby was a low quality facility not on TR.  Our facility was inundated with bad reviews from people who stayed at the other lodge and sadly it's not easy to have a wrong or fake reviews removed plus many other reasons which can be read about here explaining why.

We have an open facebook page and recommend to pop over and Like it.  If you do a tour with us we post all photos of you trip to your Facebook messenger plus, we post all our last minute availablility, special tours and discounts and more there.

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