Frequently Asked Questions

Enduro Tours Thailand

If you require any further information on our motorcycle tours please feel free to contact our team


Where Do The Enduro Tours Begin?

Unless we have arranged a special tour for you all our motorcycle tours begin and end in Chiang Mai a short 1 hour flight from Bangkok, Thailand

Is It Fully Supported?

Unless otherwise stated, our enduro tours include a support vehicle, tail rider, tour mechanic and spare bike.

What Riding Gear Should I bring?

Alhtough we do have gear available we can't supply gear for whole groups that will fit correctly or smell nice.  Due to the  nature of our enduro tours make sure you bring full enduro prtection.  If you need advice on this please ask us.  

What's included?

Everything except evening meals and Beers.  We don't include evening meals as some people prefer to order their own meals or go out of the hotel for street food etc.  Flights, travel insurance etc is on you. 

I'm coming alone, how can I get on a tour?

Many charge supplements if you're on your own but we don't - Just go to othe tour dates section on each tour find a suitable date and reserve it.  We will get others to join you and once we confirm your booking your tour is guaranteed. 

Can I change one of your enduro tours to suit me better?

Yes, we can tailor a tour to suit you and we don't charge a premium to tailor any tour. The prices will be the same pro rata depending on what you want included and   

Can novice riders join a motorcycle tour?

We can run a special training tour to teach dirt bike riding techniques.  contact us more information but our scheduled dirt bike tours are not suitable for novice riders.    

What are your group sizes?

If we book multiple individuals who have never met or ridden with before the group sizes are capped at 6-8 riders and we do our best to ensure all riders are of the same ability. If you book with a group who all know each other and ride together regularly we don't limit the group size (within reason).  

Are there group booking rates?

We offer some of the best group booking rates in the business. Take a look here.

Do I need a Visa for Thailand?

In most cases no, you can arrive and get a visa on entry that lasts for 30 days.  When you make a booking we will let you know if you need to apply for a visa.

What's The Accommodation Like?

Brilliant, in fact far better than what many expect on a remote enduro bike tour.  Don't come expecting 5 star as it's not available where we go but you will have great accommodation each night in very unique locations.

What deposit must I pay?

When you make a reservation you will not have to make any payments until we confirm your booking and then a 20% deposit is paid securely online.  Balance payments can be paid via bank transfer or online or in some cases on arrival in Chiang Mai.

Can I upgrade the bike?

Our motorcycles have been selected by us as the most suitable for the terrain we ride. We do have 1 KTM EXC400 available as an upgrade (at the time of writing) but you'll find our standard bikes are perfect for jungle trail riding.

Can I bring my non riding partner or family?

Yes you can.  We can take your partners or family members in our support truck or extra vehicle.  They will have a parallel tour to you with an English speaking driver and meeting up with you each night. 

Where can I get more information?

Our team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on our customer support and will never suggest a tour if we didn't think it will suit you so please feel free to ask us anything by contacting us