Enduro Dirt Bike Tour - Group Bookings

We offer exceptional group rates.  All we ask is you nominate one person as your group leader to deal directly with us when arranging your enduro tour. That person will get the discount as listed below.

Group Sizes
If your group is 6 riders or more you will get your date to yourself, we won't open it up to others to join you unless you ask us to. When a date is block booked by one group who regularly ride together and all know each other we can take quite large groups within reason.

In all other cases our group size will be fixed to a maximum of 8 riders and we do our best to ensure everyone in the group is of the same ability.

*Group booking rates are not applicable on our 5 day Budget Enduro however if you do book with a decent sized group we will be happy to discuss a good rate for you.
3 Riders5%

Total Group Size of 3 riders  

4-5 Riders8%

Group of 4-5 riders in total.  

6-8 Riders15%

Group of 6-8 riders in total.  

9-10 Riders20%

Group of 9 - 10 riders in total.  

10 Riders +35%

More than 10 Riders.  

Enduro Tours Thailand

dirt bike wheel in Mud
  • Proper Fun

enduro dirt bike wheel in mud
  • Adaptable For All Abilities

enduro rider riding dirt bike through water
  • Serious Adventure

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • Simply Unbeatable

Road Touring Options

mae hong son loop
  • Party Time - 2 Days

mae hong son loop motorcycle tour thailand
  • Incredible Route - 6 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Cultural Experience - 2 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Unique Experience - 3 Days

Salween River Mae Sariang
  • Popular - 8 days

adventure motorcycle rider in forest
  • Best Of Both Worlds

mae hong son loop
  • The Riders Ride - 4 Days

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • 10 Day Adventure

beach and palm tre
  • Go Wild - It's Your Adventure