Budget Dirt Bike Tour Thailand

5 Day Enduro Tour | Burma Border | Chiang Mai Thailand

5 Night Dirt Bike Package 

5 days - 4 Nights 3 Full Days Riding But This Can Be Altered To Suit!

Long Days In The Saddle 

Need To Be Fit & Healthy For This Trip - Lots Of Riding in 3 Days!

Experienced Riders Only

You Need To Be An Experienced Dirt Rider For This Trip





3 Days Riding

Budget Enduro Dirt Bike Tour Thailand

This enduro  tour is quite full on starting from Chiang Mai we hit some of the more exciting trails included on our 6 & 7 day enduro tours.

Ride the famous 52 river crossings in just 38 kilometers through bamboo lined creeks on single track trails, ride high into the Shan hills up to 1800 meters on rutted gnarly tracks and as typical with our enduro tours hardly any other trail users except the odd buffalo, dog, goat or hill tribe person.

  • Ride Burma Border
  • Awesome Creek Riding
  • Single Track Trails
  • High Mountain Passes

A nice little enduro tour and very flexible for us to alter routes if you need.  We've included accommodation before and after the ride so all you need do is plan your transport into Chiang Mai and leave the rest to us.  

Photos From This Tour

Deep Jungle Trails

enduro riders in jungle

Adaptable To All Riders

enduro riders in jungle

Multiple River Crossings


Remote Locations

dirt bike riders close to a river

Edge Of Thailand


Incredible Mountain Scenery

mountain scenety mae hing son Thailand

Single Track Trails


Jungle Trails

enduro in the jungle

Whats Included

  • Bikes
  • Fuel/ Oil
  • Lead Rider
  • Tail Rider*
  • 4 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast (if included with hotel)
* Tail rider with 4 or more riders


  • Stay In Hill Tribe Village
  • Ride The 52 River Crossings
  • Burma Border
  • Multiple Hill Tribe Vilages
  • Rural Locations
  • Great Scenery
  • 3 Great days Riding
Well supported and a great team. They adjusted the routes to suit our group everyday. Guides were incredibly knowledgeable and flexible. Would definitely recommend Motorbike Thailand.

We say...

This motorbike tour includes a lot of riding in a short period.  It's a budget tour designed for people who may already be in Chiang Mai and looking for a short dirt bike fix.  We've included accommodation before and after the ride so you won't need to make any arrangements apart from getting your transportation into Chiang Mai city.

We very often tailor this tour to suit people by altering the duration the region, the trails etc and we don't charge a premium to do so.

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  • Please Note: This is a budget tour and does not include as much into the package as our other enduro tours

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