7 Day Trail Bike Tour Thailand

Trail Bike Tour | Adventure Trails | Northern Thailand

7 Day Package

7 Days - 6 Nights With 5 Full Days Riding

Adapatable to Suit Ability 

Can Change Trails To Suit Your Ability

Jungle Trails

Ride The Remote Burma Border Trails


950 km +/-

950 km +/-


5 Days Riding

7 Day Trail Bike Tour Thailand

We've purposely designed this trail bike tour to suit all riders as we have the trails available to make it as tough or as easy as the group demands.  If you're considering a dirt bike tour but you are not 100% confident in your dirt biking ability choose this tour.  We can select trails to suit you and offer tips and techniques along the way.  If you're experienced you'll also be taken care of as we can flip the routes over to our more advanced routes.

This tour sits nicely between 2 styles of tour with off road terrain a lot more advanced than our dual terrain tours but with a little less road riding. It's adaptable so we can alter the routes on the fly making a perfect option if you're an experienced dirt rider looking for something a little less intense than our bigger dirt tours and also want to see and do more things off the bike during the daytimes But we can also ramp up the off road for the more experienced riders.


  • Big River Crossings
  • Very Steep Mountain Trails
  • Stunning Locations Each Night
  • Burma Border Jungles
  • Adaptable To All Riding Abilities 

A great enduro trip and adaptable to almost every level of rider gicing a full all round experience of North West Thailand on and off the bikes.

Photos from this tour

Mountain Riding

dirt riders mae hong son motorcycle tour

Burma Border Trails

dirt riders mae hong son motorcycle tour

Single Track Trails

dirt bike rider stuck behind fallen tree

Stunning Locations

Mae Hing Son in Mist

UNHCR Refugee Camp

dirt bike riders at refugee camp thailand

Stay In Hill Tribe Village

karen hill tribe lodge

Potential Barriers

dirt bike riders under tree

Stay In Hill Tribe Village

Kawasaki KLX250 crossing river

Whats Included

  • Bikes
  • Fuel/ Oil
  • Lead Rider
  • Tail Rider
  • Tour Mechanic
  • Spare bike
  • Support truck
  • 6 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Soft Drinks & Snacks (daytime)
  • Airport collection
  • National park entry fees


  • Multiple Hill Tribe Villages
  • Burma border refugee camp
  • 52 river crossing run
  • Salween River ride
  • Mountain top lodges
  • Single Track Trails
  • Flexible route
  • Possible chance of entering Burma.
Amazing trip from start to finish. The three support guys made us feel safe and they altered the routes to suit our groups riding ability. The Trails were outstanding, bikes perfect and the whole backup support was spot on. Great food, cold beers and loved the little surprises we got. Would definately recommend Motorbike Thailand.

We say...

If you're an experienced enduro rider and not able to take a longer duration tour take this tour without altering it around, it will offer you a fantastic ride and we can up the trails on the fly if needed and make it an adventure with more than in it states in 'The Brochure'.

If you are an experienced road rider looking to learn dirt biking picking up riding tips and techniques along the way this is a great option.  The route offers loads of flexibility so we can alter it around to suit your ability and we'll give you training on route.  Usually on this tour you'll start off a dirt bike newbie and at the end of the trip you'll probably be considering buying your first dirt bike. Its a great dirt bike trip and one we always enjoy riding.

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mae hong son loop
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