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1000 km +/-

1000 km +/-


6 Days Riding

8 Day Dirt Bike Tour

Enduro Tour Thailand in a 14,000 square kilometers area with mountain peaks 2500 meters above sea level in the most densely forested region in Thailand.

An incredible dirt bike tour our repeat customers can't wait to repeat it really is that good.  Steep rocky hill climbs, tight buffalo trails in thick jungles, navigating bamboo lined river creeks, dry river beds, crossing hundreds of deep rivers and eye opening experiences at the refugee camps directly on the sensitive Burmese border. 

Stay in spectacular mountain range locations on the Burma border with burma up to 1800 meters above sea level for great nights you'll remember for a very long time.

  • Outstanding Riding
  • Great Accommodation
  • Brilliant Support Team
  • Well Maintained Honda & Kawasaki Bikes
  • 20 Years Operating Top Notch Enduro Tours
If you are looking for incredible dirt riding - This enduro tour has satisfied literally 1000's of customers and the tour that made our company.  Awesome riding!

Shan State Burma


Big River Crossings


Gnarly Trails

dirt bike riders navigating rocky pass

Deep Jungle Trails

dirt bike riders  navigating deep jungle terrain

Deep Ruts

dirt bike rider passing car in ditch

High In The Clouds

dirt bike rider passing car in ditch

Creek Riding

dirt bikers in river creek

Just A Normal Day

dirt bikers stuck in mud

Whats Included

  • Bikes
  • Fuel/ Oil
  • Lead Rider
  • Tail Rider
  • Tour Mechanic
  • Spare bike
  • Support truck
  • 7 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Soft Drinks & Snacks (daytime)
  • Airport collection
  • National park Entry fees


  • 160 rivers in one day
  • Stay with hill tribe people 1 night
  • Ride along Burma border
  • The Salween River
  • Border UNHCR refugee camp
  • Trails with no other users
  • Teak forest single track trails
  • Possible visit into Burma*
Had an absolute blast on the 6 day dirt bike tour. Had our limits thoroughly explored and often breached! (All in a controlled and comfortable manner, I hasten to add!) The local knowledge of the team was invaluable and went to places not many tourists had ever gone before! (Shan State Army Forever!) We were incredibly proud, if slightly muddy, pioneers! Starting at a reasonable hour every morning, we managed to finish in plenty of time to make it to the pub's/bar's/club's/people's front room etc, for our evening rehydration! Never had a bad day's riding, Thailand was stunning and did not disappoint on any level! Thank you Motorbike Thailand, will probably see you again sometime!

Probably the dirt bike trip you've been looking for..

If you're an experienced trail rider and want the absolute ride of your life take this or our 7 day tour, they're both designed for you!

We mention a *possible trip into burma and in most cases we do but now and then due to border conficts we can't guarantee it but we always try.  The trails are nothing short of incredible and you may be pushed to your limits at times but you'll have a superb support team behind you, open up and enjoy.  This will probably be the enduro tour you've have been looking for, it really is awesome. 

You'll ride good distances each day and feel you've had a proper ride at the end of the day which always demands a few cheeky beers on arrival.

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  • They have their own English speaking driver/Guide and meet up with you each evening

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dirt bike wheel in Mud
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enduro dirt bike wheel in mud
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enduro dirt bike wheel in mud
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