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1200 km +/-

1200 km +/-


7 Days Riding

9 Day Enduro Tour Package - Thailand

If you're only going to ride an Enduro tour in Thailand once this is the one to choose.  The extended version of our famous 8 day Tour but the extra day makes the world of difference regards the trails we ride extending it directly down the Burma border parallel with Asia's largest un-dammed river the mighty Salween river an ice melt river flowing from the Tibetan plateau dividing Thailand with Burma.

Each day we'll ride multiple terrain within a high mountain range extending from Chiang Mai to the border with Burma in thick jungles, through lots of hill tribe villages around 200 river crossing, single track trails, bamboo lined river creeks and steep rutted hill climbs and hair raising descents.  This motorbike tour offers experienced riders a chance to open up and enjoy fantastic trails, challenging at times with slow technical riding and also fast open trails through spectacular scenery and villages cut off from civilisation most of the year.

  • Too many rivers crossings to count!
  • 2 Eye Opening UNHCR Refugee Camps!
  • Over 190 Kilometers of creek riding included!
  • Hill Tribe Village Experience!
  • Mae Ngam River Evening BBQ!
  • Incredible Support Crew!

Our best tour ever with over 7 years of surveying to get it to the level it is today.  An incredible experience for sure and probably your future becnhmark dirt bike experience it's that good.

Photos From This Tour

Slippery Sections

dirt bike riders stuck in mud

Through No-mans Land

dirt bike riders in Burma

Remote Border Point

dirt bike riders on Thailand border

Maybe Barriers

dirt bike riders lifting bike over fallen tree

Lots Of River Creeks

dirt bike riders riding river creeks thailand

Great Evenings

dirt bike riders enjoing a meal

Jungle Trails

dirt bike riders in thai jungle

Hill Tribe Evening

Karen Hill Tribe Lodge

More Creek Riding

Enduro Creek Riding

Big River Crossings

dirt bike riders crossing swollen river

The Mghty Salween

Salween River Thailand

Dense Jungle

dirt bike rider in Thai jungle

Whats Included

  • Bikes
  • Fuel/ Oil
  • Lead Rider
  • Tail Rider
  • Tour Mechanic
  • Spare bike
  • Support truck
  • 8 Nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Soft Drinks & Snacks (daytime)
  • Airport collection
  • National park Entry fees


  • Burma border post
  • Stay in Hill-tribe village
  • 2 refugee camps
  • The Salween river ride
  • Rural Mountain lodges
  • Stay in paddy field lodge
  • Epic Trails

Optional Extra

Fancy a night of "Glamping" under the stars?  We can include a one night stay in tents in a fantastic mountain top location.  While you are out riding, our support team will make camp for us in a stunning National park location (with restroom facilities).  When we arrive there will be cold beers waiting, a small dining area, camp fire and BBQ food and tents all set up.  We charge a noiminal fee for this (Depending on group size) which covers extra staff, all food and drink and wear and tear on the tents.  A memorable evening under the stars.
From day one it all clicked to become an experience of a lifetime! I read the reviews and it seemed to be what I wanted and turned out to be a success way beyond my expectations. The organization, quality of the bikes, the "tailored" tours through the most exciting trails. I was told the tour would take me beyond what we thought were our limits and it did every day but at all times we felt safe under the guidance of the team who always appeared as angels keeping an eye on us! Only positive things to say!

An Epic Enduro For Sure...

There's not many countries in the world offering such great enduro riding over a long period with no restrictions and great accommodation plus fantastic food and ice cold beers every night.

The enduro tour to beat, designed for experienced riders able to keep a good pace to complete the trails in full, able to take the rough with the smooth and ride as a team. It's a jungle out there! 

So how good is it?...We launched this tour in late 2017 and so far around 70% of those dirt bike trips have been by past customers who previously rode our 8 day enduro tour.  In all honesty we don't think we can ever better this trip for the future but, we'll try our best. 

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Rider & Passenger

  • Passengers are your non riding freinds or partners travelling in our support truck on a parallel tour with you
  • They have their own English speaking driver/Guide and meet up with you each evening

Looking for Something More adventurous?

We can offer this tour at a reduced rate by not charging you upfront for accommodation and not including a support truck and driver making this a true back to basics adventure dirt bike tour.  Suitable for experienced dirt riders able to ride as a team and not worried about itineraries or schedules, just jump on the bike and ride without restrictions.

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