Enduro Tours Suitable for Experienced Dirt Riders

Every tour we run was designed with you in mind and then adapted to also suit riders with less experience.  What this means is you can pick any tour - tell us your riding experience/ability and we'll run a trip to suit you perfectly.

The Best Enduro For Experienced Riders

As an experienced rider you have the pick of the bunch but below we've shot from the hip and explained the best tours for you and why!

5 Day Enduro

A great budget tour with no limitations we go where the heck we like and on trails suitable for your ability

If you're on a budget this is a great option but please be aware that our longer duration tours do offer the best ride.  The best wilderness riding is always no where near a major town so the longer duration tours may suit you better but if you're after a short dirt bike fix this is perfect for you and at a great price

More advanced Riding

Our 7 day enduro (5 Days Riding) and our 8 Day Enduro (6 days riding) offers exceptional dirt riding (especially the latter).  If you are after the great riding with good accommodation each night and fully supported,  these are the tours to choose.

The 7 day enduro offers great trails including multiple river crossings where the 8 day dirt bike tour includes the ultimate dirt bike trail. Ever ridden 160 river crossing in one day?

TThe Ultimate Dirt Bike Experience

Without a shadow of a doubt our best tour and one that will probably end up to be your future bechmark is our 9 Day enduro package which includes 7 days riding.

Being very honest wth you...Our 20 years experience has proved that for the majority of our customers 6 days enduro riding in Northern Thailand is usually the max.  Don't forget the streotypical motorbike tour boozy nights and partying combined with hardcore riding takes it's toll on even the best of us.  In most cases many people rarely ride more than a a couple of weeks total throughout the year in their home country (a few exceptions of course) so 6+ days in one go can be tough.

Saying that... This 9 day tour with 7 days riding offers outstanding riding and knowing what's explained above we've balanced it to include everything our 8 day tour has but with some "extra special routes" thrown in plus carefully balanced to be a great trip without being overly strenuous.

If you are after simply best trip on and off the bikes choose this one!

Enduro Tours Thailand

dirt bike wheel in Mud
  • Proper Fun

enduro dirt bike wheel in mud
  • Adaptable For All Abilities

enduro rider riding dirt bike through water
  • Serious Adventure

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • Simply Unbeatable

Road Touring Options

mae hong son loop
  • Party Time - 2 Days

mae hong son loop motorcycle tour thailand
  • Incredible Route - 6 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Cultural Experience - 2 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Unique Experience - 3 Days

Salween River Mae Sariang
  • Popular - 8 days

adventure motorcycle rider in forest
  • Best Of Both Worlds

mae hong son loop
  • The Riders Ride - 4 Days

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • 10 Day Adventure

beach and palm tre
  • Go Wild - It's Your Adventure