Enduro Tours Suitable for Novice Dirt Riders

Enduro dirt bike tours adapated to suit less experienced riders adjusting the severity of the dirt trails as you progress into the tour.

To help you choose the best enduro tour for your ability we have listed a few options below.

Please note: "NOVICE DIRT RIDERS" are people who ride motorcycle already but with little or no dirt riding experience.  You must be able to ride a geared motorcycle confidentally.

Before You Continue....

The tours listed below are dual terrain meaning a combination of Road & Off-Road and we highly recommend this option to riders with little or no off-road riding experience. If during the tour you feel that the dirt sections are not for you we can either reduce or eliminate it on the fly making it a 100% road tour if required. On the flip side, if you are getting on well with the off-road sections we can add in more dirt and make it more technical depending if needed. These tours are very flexible indeed!

5 Days 4 Nights

Enduro tour suitable for less experienced riders, a combo of road riding with dirt trails adapated to your ability.  Includes free basic rider training on this trip if needed

Great for... 

  • New riders Looking to advance basic level riding.
  • Experienced Road Riders wanting to learn dirt.
  • All riders looking for a laid back motorcycle tour off the beaten track.
$1290 for 5 Days 4 Nights with 4 full days riding

8 Days 6 Nights

6 day enduro tour with the opportunity to rapidly improve your dirt riding skills. Road with dirt sections over 6 days meaning you will be riding more technical sections towards the end of the tour.  

Great for... 

  • Riders wanting a diverse tour on multiple terrain.
  • Riders looking to take their skills to the next level.
  • All riders looking for a laid back motorcycle tour off the beaten track.
$1890 for 8 Days 7 Nights with 6 full days riding

Enduro Tours Thailand

dirt bike wheel in Mud
  • Proper Fun

enduro dirt bike wheel in mud
  • Adaptable For All Abilities

enduro rider riding dirt bike through water
  • Serious Adventure

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • Simply Unbeatable

Road Touring Options

mae hong son loop
  • Party Time - 2 Days

mae hong son loop motorcycle tour thailand
  • Incredible Route - 6 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Cultural Experience - 2 Days

mae hong son loop
  • Unique Experience - 3 Days

Salween River Mae Sariang
  • Popular - 8 days

adventure motorcycle rider in forest
  • Best Of Both Worlds

mae hong son loop
  • The Riders Ride - 4 Days

enduro dirt bike rider riding motorbike through a river
  • 10 Day Adventure

beach and palm tre
  • Go Wild - It's Your Adventure